Building a Foundation for Leadership—Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health and Resiliency

Today’s ministry environment overwhelms too many leaders with frenzied schedules, burned-out spirits, and stress-induced ailments. We will discuss these realities along with Biblical realities and the necessity of a solid foundation of spiritual, emotional, and physical health and resiliency. We will discover how much personal resiliency benefits the leader and impacts others. Participants will take home a one-page, self-designed, personal resiliency plan with tools and ideas to get started on their journey to greater spiritual, emotional, and physical health — which form the true foundation for leadership.

Greg Schmill has served as a teacher and principal in WELS elementary and high schools in Minnesota, Florida, and Wisconsin. He has also served as the synod’s Forward with Lutheran Schools (FWLS) educational consultant and as the director of the WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS). He now lives out his passion for supporting and encouraging WELS school and church leaders as a facilitator and leadership coach with Grace in Action – Ministry Leadership. In this role, he partners with others to develop and deliver leadership training and coaching support for WELS and ELS ministry teams.

Sectional 3

Tuesday, June 21

9:00 am

Greg Schmill