Reach New Families with a Sustainable School

A sustainable Christ-centered educational program can be an exceptional asset for reaching new families with the Lord’s Word. Dive into your ministry, explore your funnel and entry points for new families, understand your target demographic, develop strong messaging that resonates with this audience, reduce barriers for entry, discover how to utilize marketing mediums and examine financial plans that work to sustain the ministry.

Dr. Jeff Lemke, the VP of Admissions for Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, specializes in community outreach, financial sustainability, marketing, and international engagement. Before Bethany, Lemke directed a Twin Cities program that assisted transitioning immigrants. Lemke then served as Director of Admissions and International Programs for St. Croix Lutheran. Teaching on the topics of Christian school financial leadership is a passion; he serves Martin Luther College in online instruction and consults for multiple organizations.

Sectional 3

Tuesday, June 21

9:00 am

Jeff Lemke