Meredith Pucci

Creating Successful Teacher Feedback Systems

Meredith Pucci - Create an individualized approach to supporting teachers’ Ministry Development Plans, set school-wide instructional goals, and even get all staff involved in providing peer feedback to strengthen classroom instruction within their schools.
Shawna Mehlberg

Partnering with Parents in Early Childhood Programs: A Comprehensive Approach

Shawna Mehlberg - Essential ingredients to an effective home/school collaborative program that ultimately has the greatest impact on the growth and development of our young children.
Dana Kirchoff

The Hierarchy of School Growth Needs

Dana Kirchoff - How do you know where to start with your ministry’s precious resources...and your precious time?
Jeremy Bakken

New Paradigms for the LES/Church Musician

Panel - The particular focus of this preconference track is to help teacher-musicians to understand each resource and how to maximize their potential value and impact.
Dana Kirchoff

Building a School Website for Outreach

Dana Kirchoff - It’s critical that your website engages, informs, and connects with prospective families so they continue their enrollment journey with you.
Dr. Donald Kudek

Rethinking Leadership – What’s Missing and How Does it Impact Our Leadership and Our Students

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Dr. Donald Kudek - Embracing a new way of looking at the leadership paradigm is not only critical for our own leadership skills, but the students we teach.

Working with Parents of Students with Special Challenges

Paul and Jane Mose - learn crucial information and practical ideas to help them work effectively with parents of students with disabilities and other special needs, including behavioral and emotional needs.
Greg Schmill

Building a Foundation for Leadership—Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health and Resiliency

Greg Schmill - Discover how much personal resiliency benefits the leader and impacts others.
Jeff Lemke

Reach New Families with a Sustainable School

Dr. Jeff Lemke - A sustainable Christ-centered educational program can be an exceptional asset for reaching new families with the Lord’s Word.
Dr. Phil Huebner

Encouraging Spiritual Growth in the Home

Dr. Phil Huebner - Advice and recommendations on how to model and encourage spiritual growth in the home.
Maria Gines

Connecting ECE Families to Jesus and the Congregation

Maria Gines & Caleb Free - Learn strategies to use to connect children and parents to Jesus and the church.

Bridging the Opportunity Gap: Special Education in WELS Schools

Kelli Green & Dr. Mark Murphy - A practical discussion on how to organize and start a special education program at your school or group of schools. This sectional is intended to support educators and administrators to serve students with disabilities.
Shawn Herkstroeter

What is your School’s HQ?

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Shawn Herkstroeter- Examine six key hospitality traits for a school ministry setting.
Paul Steinberg

Shepherding Shepherds for Educational Outreach

Rev. Paul Steinberg - Partnership between school staff and congregational staff is key for outreach and mission efficiency.
Jeff Wiechman

Summative Assessment of In-Service Teachers

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Dr Jeff Wiechman - Plan ways to implement effective strategies in schools for the ministerial growth and development of our teachers in order to directly impact student learning
Lowell Holtz

Benefits of Developing a Positive Relationship with your Local Public School District

Dr. Lowell Holtz - Learn about advantages of a developing positive relationships to benefit both the district and the Lutheran school.

Early Childhood Ministry and Board Collaboration

Rachel Burgess - Effectively work with the Board of Education and other governing authorities as partners in the same ministry.
John Meyer

Fostering a Formative School Culture

Dr. John Meyer - This session reviews the research and uses it to provide practical suggestions for creating a culture of continuous learning and high achievement.

Building on the Solid Foundation

Rev. Kyle Bitter & Dana Leyrer - A strong school culture and existing school programs can be powerful tools for a youth ministry partnership between a church and a school.

Called to be a Witness

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Rev. Earle Treptow - You have been called to be his witness in a very special way as you carry out the ministry God himself has assigned to you.
Dan Nommensen

Supporting the Emotional Health of Teachers: Resources for Care from Christian Family Solutions

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Dan Nommensen - Resources for care and how to access this help in order to address or prevent mental health concerns in the teaching ministry.
Dr. Phil Huebner

The “Who Am I?” Crisis Among Teens Today

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Dr. Phil Huebner - Teens are living in a critical time of world history, a time that is causing a crisis among their generation--a crisis of emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.