3.1EC – Identifying Disabilities in Early Childhood

Brenda Wagenknecht - This session will give an overview of a large variety of disabilities for which Early Childhood teachers should recognize signs

3.2ET – Seesaw: Student-Driven Portfolios Made Easy

Stephanie Krahn and Kurt Gosdeck - Seesaw is one of the most versatile technology tools you will use! It is easy to learn and can be utiized in early education through the middle school years.

3.3ET – Breaking Curriculum Barriers: Social Studies, Technology & Inclusive Instruction

Dr. Kari A. Muente - As our WELS classrooms become academically and culturally diverse, teachers struggle in how to address the different cultural and learning abilities students bring to the learning process.

3.4L – Panel: The Mission and Vision of Fox Valley Lutheran Schools

Panel - This presentation and question and answer session will cover the history of FVL Schools, Inc.

3.5L – Building a Foundation for Leadership: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health and Resiliency

Greg Schmill - Today’s ministry environment overwhelms too many leaders with frenzied schedules, burned-out spirits, and stress-induced ailments.

3.6T – How to Build a Website Using WordPress

Jonathan Ruddat - In this lecture style format session, participants will learn the steps needed to build a simple website using WordPress.

3.7M – Developing and Implementing an Intentional Communication Strategy

Kyle Bitter and Kristi Meyer - Communication is an integral part of all levels of ministry but is too often a facet of ministry that “just happens” with little planning.

3.8M – The Body of Christ: Every Part Has a Purpose

Wendy Heyn - Research tells us that people who have disabilities and their families are less likely to attend worship services, Bible studies, and other church activities than those without disabilities.