8.1EC – Staffing Issues and Ethics in Early Childhood Ministry

Rachel Burgess - Participants will study the legal responsibilities and ethical issues that are involved in staffing issues such as hiring, recruiting, training and managing staff.

8.2E – Effective Ways to Share MAP Testing Results

Michael Koestler - This session will empower educators with instructional design options that engage and support individual student growth using the data tools from Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

8.3ET – Global Connections

Shelly Karstens - The internet has made the world a smaller place. Everyone is able to see and talk to their loved ones using Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts.

8.4L – I Know How To Manage Kids, But What About Adults?

Jamie Luehring- In this sectional, we will explore a framework for managing adults that includes self awareness, building culture, leadership, vision, values, management best practices, and daily management moments.

8.5L – The Ombudsman, Your Partner in Insuring Your Students Receive Title Funds

Abbie Pavela - This sectional will discuss the consultation process between public school districts and private schools.

8.6T – Use MailChimp to Send Automated Encouraging Emails

Jonathan Ruddat - Learn how to setup a MailChimp account and design campaigns that automatically send your encouraging message to a list of emails.

8.7M – Leave No One Behind: Using Your Church Database to Minister to Inactive Members

Peter Frank - Learn ways to track ministry activities and improve your inactive member follow-up using your church management software.