Called to be a Witness

Grace upon grace! Not only has the Lord called you out of the darkness of unbelief to the light of faith, he has also called you into the public ministry of the gospel. You have been called to be his witness in a very special way as you carry out the ministry God himself has assigned to you. This presentation means to give us the opportunity both to reflect on God’s grace to us and to be more mindful of how the Lord works through us to bless others.

Rev. Earle Treptow has served as a pastor of a new mission start (Langley, British Columbia), as director of recruitment for the pastoral studies program at Martin Luther College, as pastor of Zion, Denver, and as president of the WELS Nebraska District (2010–2016). He currently serves as a professor of systematic theology and president of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Sectional 8

Wednesday, June 22

10:30 am