Worship Opportunities

  • Tuesday, June 25 – Reaching the “height” of Christ – His work for us led by Pastor Aaron Bublitz
  • Wednesday, June 26 – Reaching “up” – His work in us led by Pastor Emile Burgess
  • Thursday, June 27 – Reaching “out” – His work among/through us led by Brian Davison (Koiné)

Music for worship will be provided by Branches Band and Koiné.

About Branches Band

Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches…”

Branches Band, a Milwaukee-based music group, uses their love for music to identify the Savior of the world – Jesus! From a fresh take on ancient hymns to original compositions, from guitars and piano to vocal harmonies, the truth of God’s love and grace is at the root of the Branches Band ministry.

Branches Band has performed in all 50 states and Canada and has served over 500 congregations by offering Christian concerts, assisting with worship, and developing music resources for today’s church leaders and worship teams. Since 2008, Branches Band has produced 11 studio albums and completed nine songbooks, with plans to produce more albums and worship resources in the future. For more information, scheduling, albums, sheet music, and other resources, visit branchesband.com or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/branchesband.

About Koiné

Formed in 2003, Koiné has spent the last 15 years serving WELS congregations by playing music at worship services, performing concerts, producing music and media events, recording albums, and more. It is estimated that Koiné has appeared at over 400 congregations, as well as all of the WELS high schools and colleges.

Over 15 years of ministry, the modern music and materials produced by Koiné have proven to engage the young and old, traditional and contemporary, alike, teaching and inspiring them in a life-long walk of faith and relationship with Christ. Koiné has received hundreds of requests from all over the world to be able to use the worship resources they create to teach, inspire, and worship. As a result, they have dedicated their lives to creating and sharing these resources with Christians all over the world by developing a website that can host these resources for people to use whenever and wherever they want to (koineworshipmedia.com).

This website provides arrangements of classic hymns and original songs in modern settings that can be used in a variety of worship, educational, and inspirational settings. Materials include sheet music, chord charts, recordings, accompaniment tracks, motion and still backgrounds, slide presentations, sing-a-long videos, and more.

All of these quality resources are available for individual purchase, or you may subscribe to have unlimited access to all of the resources for your entire organization for just $29 per month (or pay for the year upfront for $299 and save almost $50)!

To see these amazing resources for yourself or to join the Koinétion support network, visit koineworshipmedia.com.