1.4T – Your Church Website: Do’s and Don’ts

Josh Quint - Almost every church and school in this day and age has a website.

1.6T – Google Slides: The Swiss Army Knife of G-Suite

Drew Willems - You can use Google Slides to make presentation slide decks, but there is oh, so much more you can do!

2.4T – Living the Paperless Office Dream

Martin Spriggs - Technology has long promised a paperless environment and huge productivity gains in the process.

2.5T – Expanding Curricular Offerings Through Online Courses

Dr. Jim Grunwald - Many WELS high schools continue to expand their curriculum by including online courses offered through ALHS Online.

2.6T – The Myth of Neutral Technology

Dr. Gary Locklair - Is technology a neutral tool, or has it been purposefully designed to manipulate us?

3.6T – How to Build a Website Using WordPress

Jonathan Ruddat - In this lecture style format session, participants will learn the steps needed to build a simple website using WordPress.

4.6T – ERate/Funding

Jason Schmidt - Have you ever looked closely at your cell phone bill and wondered what all those extra fees and taxes do? One program that those dollars support is E-rate, a federal program to provide discounted rates on networking equipment and Internet access for schools and libraries.

5.6T – Google Tips: Making Your Life Easier with Extensions, Keyboard Shortcuts, and More

Kirk Schauland - Want to learn the best keyboard shortcuts, Chrome extensions, and other cool moves to save time and impress your friends?

6.6T – So You Feel Like Google Can Do More For You?

James Carlovsky - This session will lead you into collaboration and productivity tools that you may not know much about. These Google tools have so many applications to your current work and ministries.

7.5T -Church and School Promotional Videos: Telling Your Story to All Audiences

Jonathan Witte - Having a video to tell your church or school’s story is a powerful tool in today’s age in order to rally those in your circles and bring new people into congregations or school families.

7.6T – Building a Simple, Powerful, and Complete Church Web Presence

Brian Shaffer - This session will focus on a church's complete online presence using websites, social media, mobile apps, and live streaming, with a focus on using the latest Finalweb technologies including Finalweb 2.0 to accomplish these tasks.

8.6T – Use MailChimp to Send Automated Encouraging Emails

Jonathan Ruddat - Learn how to setup a MailChimp account and design campaigns that automatically send your encouraging message to a list of emails.

9.6T – Google Administration

Justin Liepert - The Google Administration console is the command center for all of your GSuite accounts and devices. Learn basic and intermediate level settings for creating, managing, organizing, and assigning permissions to users and devices in your school or church.

10.6T – Network Management/IT Support

Joshua Schoeneck - Managing the technology for a church or school can often be a daunting task and requires both technical know-how and people skills.

D.5T – Creating/Upgrading your Church Website with Finalweb 2.0

Brian Shaffer - This full-day workshop will provide hands-on instruction, practice, and actual productivity time in learning Finalweb’s new church web building system.