Colin Paustian

Personal Passion Projects in Technology

Colin Paustian - Gain tools and guidance to help your students find their passions in technology, no matter your schedule, experience, or budget.
Erin Dooley

All are precious in His sight!

Erin Dooley - We will discuss the importance of cultural representation along with how to create a responsive environment within your early childhood classroom.
Eric Jensen

Tools for Engagement

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Dr. Eric Jensen - This powerful program that teaches you how to consistently engage nearly every student, every day.
Jason Schmidt

Voice, Choice, Pace, and Place – Tools to Support Blended Learning

Jason Schmidt - Hear about current strategies and activities to support blended learning in their classrooms through effective management and planning.
Cindy Whaley

Multi-age Teaching and Learning: What it is, how it is different, and why it matters!

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Dr. Cindy Whaley - Teachers are able to guide each child’s successful growth on his or her own developmental timetable – even same-age students.
Al Bitter

Practice What you Preach: MDP in Action

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Al Bitter- A helpful session for educators developing MDPs or leaders assisting others in this process.
Becky Lindenberg

Early Learning Standards and Learn by Play

Becky Lindenberg & Janine Thies - Connect the value of play based learning to content area grade-level expectations required by their school, state, or national standards.