7.1EC – Marketing and Branding for Early Childhood Ministries

Kaylen Orr - This sectional will guide Early Childhood Ministries in effectively marketing themselves to prospective families in their communities.

7.2E – Poverty and Education

Dan Johnson - Being poor has dramatic effects on your brain. How can teachers and pastors use this information to better ministry in our ever changing world?

7.3E – Never Too Early to Learn and Succeed with ACT Aspire

Peggy Roush - Learn all about the ACT Aspire assessments for grades 3-10. We’ll talk about how they can guide instruction, identify students in need of support, and target students who are ready for challenges.

7.4E -Speech/Language Pathology Tips

Tammy Myers - Educators will learn the top 3 secrets speech language pathologists use to support student learning and retention of information.

7.5T -Church and School Promotional Videos: Telling Your Story to All Audiences

Jonathan Witte - Having a video to tell your church or school’s story is a powerful tool in today’s age in order to rally those in your circles and bring new people into congregations or school families.

7.6T – Building a Simple, Powerful, and Complete Church Web Presence

Brian Shaffer - This session will focus on a church's complete online presence using websites, social media, mobile apps, and live streaming, with a focus on using the latest Finalweb technologies including Finalweb 2.0 to accomplish these tasks.

7.7M – Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp

Kristin Knickelbein - Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp is a hands-on workshop with resources and tips for getting your own hacked outreach program started in your community through a STEM+ Camp. Think VBS with a 21st Century twist.

7.8L – What Do I Do If … ?

Dennis Maurer - This sectional will provide a general overview of basic Human Resources practices applicable to WELS churches and schools.