5.1EC & 6.1EC – Connecting your Early Childhood Education Program to the Church and Community – Double Sectional

Rachel Burgess - As a ministry arm of your church, your early childhood program needs a plan to communicate with the congregation and community that you serve.

5.2E & 6.2E – WELS IEP 101 – Double Sectional

Brenda Wagenknecht and Kari Fuerstenberg - This session will break down the components of a public school IEP and 504 plan for a WELS school setting.

6.3T – Formative Assessments Using Technology

Michael Plocher - Technology tools can energize teacher practice by providing easy ways to implement formative assessments.

6.4L – CIPA, COPPA, FERPA…IDK! Deciphering School Requirements for Data Use

Jason Schmidt - All organizations that handle student data must meet certain requirements by federal law.

5.5E & 6.5E – Learning Focused Instruction – Double Sectional

John Meyer and Jon Schaefer - This interactive lecture session will refocus on the little, but powerful, things we can do in our daily lessons that are research-proven to help all students learn more.

6.6T – So You Feel Like Google Can Do More For You?

James Carlovsky - This session will lead you into collaboration and productivity tools that you may not know much about. These Google tools have so many applications to your current work and ministries.

6.7M – Tech Tools for Worship Planning

Mark Knickelbein - How can technology save time and do more for the pastor and all those who plan for worship?

5.8L & 6.8L – Church and School Safety – Double Sectional

Sheriff Dale Schmidt - School Safety must be a priority for all schools. Have you thought about what you would do if you had someone come into your school? How would you protect your students and yourself?