John Meyer

Fostering a Formative School Culture

Dr. John Meyer - This session reviews the research and uses it to provide practical suggestions for creating a culture of continuous learning and high achievement.

Screens: Success or Sabotage for Schools? A Discussion of Children, Screens, and Learning

Dr. Dipesh Navsaria - Developmental principles and research around screen usage and the basis for recommendations for families as they navigate this topic.
Rachel Youngblom

Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Dr. Rachel Youngblom - Insight to the diverse learning profiles of children with ASD and strategies for supporting the social and emotional needs of these students.
Ray Schumacher

Cultivating Compassion

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Jeremy Bakken & Rev. Ray Schumacher - Christian love urges us also to increase our awareness and develop our understanding of the complexities of human emotion and mental function.
Laura Reinke

School-Based Counseling: Leveraging All Available Resources to Meet Students’ Needs

Laura Reinke - Learn more about current and emerging student concerns and how school-based counseling can help schools serve the “whole child.”
Andy Van Weele

Creating Unforgettable Lessons in Your Classroom

Andy Van Weele - Through a variety of resources, research, and first hand experience, learn how to bring your lessons to life in the classroom.