Shawn Herkstroeter

What is your School’s HQ?

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Shawn Herkstroeter- Examine six key hospitality traits for a school ministry setting.
Cindy Whaley

Multi-age Teaching and Learning: What it is, how it is different, and why it matters!

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Dr. Cindy Whaley - Teachers are able to guide each child’s successful growth on his or her own developmental timetable – even same-age students.
Al Bitter

Practice What you Preach: MDP in Action

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Al Bitter- A helpful session for educators developing MDPs or leaders assisting others in this process.
Kari Muente

Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Improve Student Achievement

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Dr. Kari Muente- Recognize the value in adapting UDL into their curriculum and instruction design to ensure all their students become expert learners.
Jeff Wiechman

Summative Assessment of In-Service Teachers

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Dr Jeff Wiechman - Plan ways to implement effective strategies in schools for the ministerial growth and development of our teachers in order to directly impact student learning
Lowell Holtz

Benefits of Developing a Positive Relationship with your Local Public School District

Dr. Lowell Holtz - Learn about advantages of a developing positive relationships to benefit both the district and the Lutheran school.

Early Childhood Ministry and Board Collaboration

Rachel Burgess - Effectively work with the Board of Education and other governing authorities as partners in the same ministry.