5.1EC & 6.1EC – Connecting your Early Childhood Education Program to the Church and Community – Double

Rachel Burgess - As a ministry arm of your church, your early childhood program needs a plan to communicate with the congregation and community that you serve.

5.2E & 6.2E – WELS IEP 101 – Double

Brenda Wagenknecht and Kari Fuerstenberg - This session will break down the components of a public school IEP and 504 plan for a WELS school setting.

5.3ET – Using Technology in Bible Lessons

Rachel Feld - You will be introduced to a wide variety of resources that can be used during your Bible lessons, hymnology class, catechism class, and devotions.

5.4L – Best Marketing Mediums for Outreach

Dr. Jeffrey Lemke - Explore how pay-per-click advertising, your web site funnel and targeted postcard mailings multiply your return on Word of Mouth outreach.

5.5E & 6.5E – Learning Focused Instruction – Double

John Meyer and Jon Schaefer - This interactive lecture session will refocus on the little, but powerful, things we can do in our daily lessons that are research-proven to help all students learn more.

5.6T – Google Tips: Making Your Life Easier with Extensions, Keyboard Shortcuts, and More

Kirk Schauland - Want to learn the best keyboard shortcuts, Chrome extensions, and other cool moves to save time and impress your friends?

5.7M – Barnabas: A Study of Servant-Hearted Leadership

David Niemi - This session is intended to be a hands-on, interactive Bible study of the Apostle Barnabas and his ministry in the early Christian church.

5.8L & 6.8L – Church and School Safety – Double

Sheriff Dale Schmidt - School Safety must be a priority for all schools. Have you thought about what you would do if you had someone come into your school? How would you protect your students and yourself?