4.1EC – Solving the Curriculum Puzzle

Kayte Gut - What curriculum do you use? That is a question many prospective families ask our early childhood programs.

4.2E – 21st Century Skill Development

Matt Moeller - It is a tragedy to prepare students for a future that doesn’t exist. Too often we have been educating today's students based on an educational system that focuses on knowledge, is one-size-fits-all and is based on the factory assembly-line model developed over one hundred years ago.

4.3ET – The New Google Sites

Kurt Gosdeck - Come ready to create a new website using the new and improved version of Google Sites. You will have yours up and running within an hour!

4.4L – Positioning Principals for Success

John Meyer and James Rademan - A 2015 study of the principal position by a cross-section of WELS leaders revealed that principals were suffering from inadequate levels of time, training, and compensation.

4.5E – Welcoming New Students and Their Families to Your Church and School

Ryan Finkbeiner and Aaron Bublitz - Assimilating new students and families to your school is critical for student success and parent satisfaction.

4.6T – ERate/Funding

Jason Schmidt - Have you ever looked closely at your cell phone bill and wondered what all those extra fees and taxes do? One program that those dollars support is E-rate, a federal program to provide discounted rates on networking equipment and Internet access for schools and libraries.

4.7M – How Your Church Can Use Facebook to Reach Your Community

Peter Frank - If you’re one of the 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, you’ve probably already figured out that it has a lot of potential.