Jessica Knierim

Building a Culture of Data Use in Your Schools

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Jessica Knierim - Explore foundational practices of formative assessment and connect how formative assessment empowers learners and learning.
Eric Jensen

Tools for Engagement

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Dr. Eric Jensen - This powerful program that teaches you how to consistently engage nearly every student, every day.
Dr. Donald Kudek

Rethinking Leadership – What’s Missing and How Does it Impact Our Leadership and Our Students

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Dr. Donald Kudek - Embracing a new way of looking at the leadership paradigm is not only critical for our own leadership skills, but the students we teach.
Meredith Pucci

Impacting New Teacher Growth with Instructional Coaching

Meredith Pucci - What if school leaders could maximize that learning for the new teacher's growth in their first few years in the field?
Shawna Mehlberg

Early Childhood Observation and Assessment: Communicating Children’s Learning and Development with Parents

Shawna Mehlberg - Documenting children's learning and development that is observed through their work and play

Working with Parents of Students with Special Challenges

Paul and Jane Mose - learn crucial information and practical ideas to help them work effectively with parents of students with disabilities and other special needs, including behavioral and emotional needs.
Kyle Fax
Ryan Rathje

Feedback: The Key Element of Educational Ministry

Dr. Ryan Rathje - Regardless of developmental level, feedback has incredible power.