2.1EC – Adult Child Interaction

Jennifer Mehlberg - When trusting relationships are present between adults and the children they serve, all parties benefit.

1.2E & 2.2E – Brokenness in Childhood, Wholeness in Christ – Double Sectional

Melissa Pittenger - "By God's design parents are a child's first teacher. What can the Church do to assist parents in becoming not only the first, but also the best?

2.3ET – Coding in Primary Grades

Darnell Anthony - Many may assume computer coding to be a skill for older students, but students who cannot yet read can produce computer code and learn problem solving skills.

2.4T – Living the Paperless Office Dream

Martin Spriggs - Technology has long promised a paperless environment and huge productivity gains in the process.

2.5T – Expanding Curricular Offerings Through Online Courses

Dr. Jim Grunwald - Many WELS high schools continue to expand their curriculum by including online courses offered through ALHS Online.

2.6T – The Myth of Neutral Technology

Dr. Gary Locklair - Is technology a neutral tool, or has it been purposefully designed to manipulate us?

2.7M -The Potential Power of Team Chat

Bob Martens - Team chat platforms have exploded in many industries as institutions try to maximize the collaboration and communication potential of digital platforms.

1.8E & 2.8E – Making Teachers Better, Not Bitter – Double Sectional

Tony Frontier - How can we build systems of supervision that focus on developing teacher expertise rather than merely measuring competence?