Colin Paustian

Personal Passion Projects in Technology

Colin Paustian - Gain tools and guidance to help your students find their passions in technology, no matter your schedule, experience, or budget.
Jessica Knierim

Building a Culture of Data Use in Your Schools

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Jessica Knierim - Explore foundational practices of formative assessment and connect how formative assessment empowers learners and learning.
Dana Kirchoff

Building a School Website for Outreach

Dana Kirchoff - It’s critical that your website engages, informs, and connects with prospective families so they continue their enrollment journey with you.
Erin Dooley

All are precious in His sight!

Erin Dooley - We will discuss the importance of cultural representation along with how to create a responsive environment within your early childhood classroom.
Eric Jensen

Tools for Engagement

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Dr. Eric Jensen - This powerful program that teaches you how to consistently engage nearly every student, every day.
Dr. Ashley Schoof

Essential Steps for Providing Successful Learning Environments

Dr. Ashley Schoof - Early and proper intervention can prevent mental health issues from escalating and impacting behavior in the classroom and at home.
Tony Perry

America’s Founding and Why it is Relevant to Young Christians

Tony Perry - Our students live in a world that is drifting further and further away from God’s Word. Studying America’s Founding Era can encourage meaningful dialogue about our responsibility as Christians and as Americans.
Dr. Donald Kudek

Rethinking Leadership – What’s Missing and How Does it Impact Our Leadership and Our Students

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Dr. Donald Kudek - Embracing a new way of looking at the leadership paradigm is not only critical for our own leadership skills, but the students we teach.