1.1EC – STE(A)M in Early Childhood Education

Anne Marquardt - STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (and its added A for Arts) - is a big buzzword in education right now. What does it mean for early childhood classrooms?

1.2E & 2.2E – Brokenness in Childhood, Wholeness in Christ – Double

Melissa Pittenger - By God's design parents are a child's first teacher. What can the Church do to assist parents in becoming not only the first, but also the best?

1.3ET – Microsoft OneNote & Teams

Ted Klug - Microsoft OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams is a unique, free software combination

1.4T – Your Church Website: Do’s and Don’ts

Josh Quint - Almost every church and school in this day and age has a website.

1.5EC – No Paint Brushes Allowed

Jen Kalis - God created little children with a strong and natural disposition to explore and discover their world!

1.6T – Google Slides: The Swiss Army Knife of G-Suite

Drew Willems - You can use Google Slides to make presentation slide decks, but there is oh, so much more you can do!

1.7M – Make Your Online Presence Pop

Jim Aderman - This session provides an approach to online communication that empowers churches to effectively use digital media in ways that more clearly proclaims the gospel’s good news.

1.8E & 2.8E -Making Teachers Better, Not Bitter – Double

Tony Frontier - How can we build systems of supervision that focus on developing teacher expertise rather than merely measuring competence?