Registration Information / Pre-Conference

Meredith Pucci

Creating Successful Teacher Feedback Systems

Meredith Pucci - Create an individualized approach to supporting teachers’ Ministry Development Plans, set school-wide instructional goals, and even get all staff involved in providing peer feedback to strengthen classroom instruction within their schools.
Shawna Mehlberg

Partnering with Parents in Early Childhood Programs: A Comprehensive Approach

Shawna Mehlberg - Essential ingredients to an effective home/school collaborative program that ultimately has the greatest impact on the growth and development of our young children.
Dana Kirchoff

The Hierarchy of School Growth Needs

Dana Kirchoff - How do you know where to start with your ministry’s precious resources...and your precious time?
Jeremy Bakken

New Paradigms for the LES/Church Musician

Panel - The particular focus of this preconference track is to help teacher-musicians to understand each resource and how to maximize their potential value and impact.