Registration Information / Pre-Conference Evening

E.1M – Logos Text Studies in Greek and Hebrew

Aaron Frey- This workshop will include the study of two texts for the End Time season in Year C, one in Greek and one in Hebrew.

E.2L – Reach New Families with a Sustainable School

Dr. Jeffrey C. Lemke - A sustainable Christ-centered educational program can be an exceptional asset for reaching new families with the Lord’s Word.

E.3E – NWEA – MAP: Essential Reports for Teachers

NWEA professional - Access, interpret and apply key MAP Growth reports used by teachers and instructional coaches.

E.4L – Ministerial Growth and Evaluation (4-Evaluation)

Jim Henrickson and Dr. Jeffery Wiechman - Teacher Evaluation Forms exist to provide feedback. They create an opportunity for a principal and teacher to openly discuss teaching and learning in the classroom.