Student Centered Classroom

Student Centered Classroom

Teaching is all about the student. As Christian educators, we strive for excellence in our teaching with a focus on each student as a unique individual, created by God. It includes ongoing attention to each student’s growth and needs to design lessons, activities, and a rich classroom environment that motivates, inspires, and guides each student in their learning. This track focuses on best practices that strive for student centered excellence in our classrooms.

Colin Paustian

Personal Passion Projects in Technology

Colin Paustian - Gain tools and guidance to help your students find their passions in technology, no matter your schedule, experience, or budget.
Erin Dooley

All are precious in His sight!

Erin Dooley - We will discuss the importance of cultural representation along with how to create a responsive environment within your early childhood classroom.
Eric Jensen

Tools for Engagement

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Dr. Eric Jensen - This powerful program that teaches you how to consistently engage nearly every student, every day.
Jason Schmidt

Voice, Choice, Pace, and Place – Tools to Support Blended Learning

Jason Schmidt - Hear about current strategies and activities to support blended learning in their classrooms through effective management and planning.
Cindy Whaley

Multi-age Teaching and Learning: What it is, how it is different, and why it matters!

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Dr. Cindy Whaley - Teachers are able to guide each child’s successful growth on his or her own developmental timetable – even same-age students.
Al Bitter

Practice What you Preach: MDP in Action

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Al Bitter- A helpful session for educators developing MDPs or leaders assisting others in this process.
Becky Lindenberg

Early Learning Standards and Learn by Play

Becky Lindenberg & Janine Thies - Connect the value of play based learning to content area grade-level expectations required by their school, state, or national standards.

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