Student Achievement

Student Achievement

As Christian educators, our motivation for excellence is what Christ has done for us and the message of the gospel we seek to share. We have heard it said that if we are putting Christ’s name on it, it must be our best. But what does high quality look like in our schools and early childhood ministries? This track will look for topics that focus on ways to continue to measure and strive for high quality, for appropriate rigor that motivates all students, and excellence in lesson planning with clear objectives/learning targets. 

Ben Clemons

High Expectations Teaching in Diverse Classrooms

Ben Clemons - explore how our expectations influence our teaching by reflecting on our underlying assumptions about the goals of Christian education and the roles of teachers and students.
Kari Muente

Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Improve Student Achievement

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Dr. Kari Muente- Recognize the value in adapting UDL into their curriculum and instruction design to ensure all their students become expert learners.
Andy Van Weele

Creating Unforgettable Lessons in Your Classroom

Andy Van Weele - Through a variety of resources, research, and first hand experience, learn how to bring your lessons to life in the classroom.

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