Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

Students’ social, emotional, and cognitive developmental levels and age-appropriate tasks and challenges must inform our instructional practices in order for all students to succeed. This strand will provide all educators with tools and strategies as they continue to increase their effective instructional practices.

Dr. Ashley Schoof

Essential Steps for Providing Successful Learning Environments

Dr. Ashley Schoof - Early and proper intervention can prevent mental health issues from escalating and impacting behavior in the classroom and at home.
Kayte Gut

Social and Emotional Learning in Our Classrooms

Kayte Gut - Learn about what social and emotional competencies are along with the benefits that come from intentionally them in your classroom.
Rachel Youngblom

Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Dr. Rachel Youngblom - Insight to the diverse learning profiles of children with ASD and strategies for supporting the social and emotional needs of these students.
Ray Schumacher

Cultivating Compassion

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Jeremy Bakken & Rev. Ray Schumacher - Christian love urges us also to increase our awareness and develop our understanding of the complexities of human emotion and mental function.
Laura Reinke

School-Based Counseling: Leveraging All Available Resources to Meet Students’ Needs

Laura Reinke - Learn more about current and emerging student concerns and how school-based counseling can help schools serve the “whole child.”

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