1.7M – Make Your Online Presence Pop

Jim Aderman - This session provides an approach to online communication that empowers churches to effectively use digital media in ways that more clearly proclaims the gospel’s good news.

2.7M -The Potential Power of Team Chat

Bob Martens - Team chat platforms have exploded in many industries as institutions try to maximize the collaboration and communication potential of digital platforms.

3.7M – Developing and Implementing an Intentional Communication Strategy

Kyle Bitter and Kristi Meyer - Communication is an integral part of all levels of ministry but is too often a facet of ministry that “just happens” with little planning.

3.8M – The Body of Christ: Every Part Has a Purpose

Wendy Heyn - Research tells us that people who have disabilities and their families are less likely to attend worship services, Bible studies, and other church activities than those without disabilities.

4.7M – How Your Church Can Use Facebook to Reach Your Community

Peter Frank - If you’re one of the 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, you’ve probably already figured out that it has a lot of potential.

5.7M – Barnabas: A Study of Servant-Hearted Leadership

David Niemi - This session is intended to be a hands-on, interactive Bible study of the Apostle Barnabas and his ministry in the early Christian church.

6.7M – Tech Tools for Worship Planning

Mark Knickelbein - How can technology save time and do more for the pastor and all those who plan for worship?

7.7M – Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp

Kristin Knickelbein - Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp is a hands-on workshop with resources and tips for getting your own hacked outreach program started in your community through a STEM+ Camp. Think VBS with a 21st Century twist.

8.7M – Leave No One Behind: Using Your Church Database to Minister to Inactive Members

Peter Frank - Learn ways to track ministry activities and improve your inactive member follow-up using your church management software.

9.5M – Instagrammable Liturgy: How the Historic Liturgy Can Help Modern Worshipers

Rev. Jeff Hendrix - Instagram is great. Short, sweet pictures or videos to scroll through, each grabbing our attention in a unique way. Sometimes our liturgy seems the exact opposite: not short and not really attention grabbing.

9.7M – Tech Tools and Strategies for Gospel Outreach: The State of the Art

Dr. Tom Kuster - What are the latest and best tech tools and strategies for reaching out to the unchurched, at home and around the world, with the saving news about Jesus?

10.7M – It’s All About Outreach – It’s All About Ministry

Scott Anthony - This session will be a discussion on similarities and the uniqueness of our nation's various teaching ministries, and how we can reach a diverse set of parents and students.

E.1M – Logos Text Studies in Greek and Hebrew

Aaron Frey- This workshop will include the study of two texts for the End Time season in Year C, one in Greek and one in Hebrew.