3.4L – Panel: The Mission and Vision of Fox Valley Lutheran Schools

Panel - This presentation and question and answer session will cover the history of FVL Schools, Inc.

3.5L – Building a Foundation for Leadership: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health and Resiliency

Greg Schmill - Today’s ministry environment overwhelms too many leaders with frenzied schedules, burned-out spirits, and stress-induced ailments.

4.4L – Positioning Principals for Success

John Meyer and James Rademan - A 2015 study of the principal position by a cross-section of WELS leaders revealed that principals were suffering from inadequate levels of time, training, and compensation.

5.4L – Best Marketing Mediums for Outreach

Dr. Jeffrey Lemke - Explore how pay-per-click advertising, your web site funnel and targeted postcard mailings multiply your return on Word of Mouth outreach.

5.8L & 6.8L – Church and School Safety – Double

Sheriff Dale Schmidt - School Safety must be a priority for all schools. Have you thought about what you would do if you had someone come into your school? How would you protect your students and yourself?

6.4L – CIPA, COPPA, FERPA…IDK! Deciphering School Requirements for Data Use

Jason Schmidt - All organizations that handle student data must meet certain requirements by federal law.

7.8L – What Do I Do If … ?

Dennis Maurer - This sectional will provide a general overview of basic Human Resources practices applicable to WELS churches and schools.

8.4L – I Know How To Manage Kids, But What About Adults?

Jamie Luehring- In this sectional, we will explore a framework for managing adults that includes self awareness, building culture, leadership, vision, values, management best practices, and daily management moments.

8.5L – The Ombudsman, Your Partner in Insuring Your Students Receive Title Funds

Abbie Pavela - This sectional will discuss the consultation process between public school districts and private schools.

9.4L – Principal Effectiveness

Chris Hintz - Principals play a key role in the success and sustainability of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) schools. For this reason, it is important for principals to be as effective as possible.

10.4L -Engaging Your Team in Effective PLC’s

Paul Patterson - Educational Researcher and Professor John Hattie found that Collective Teacher Efficacy within Professional Learning Communities can enhance the learning at schools by a factor of almost 4!

D.4L – Ministerial Growth and Evaluation (1-WELS Teaching Standards & 3-Ministry Development Plan)

Panel - Learn the Philosophy and Purpose of the Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Process, become familiar with the WELS Teaching Standards and use the WELS Continuum of Teacher Development to reflect and grow. The WELS Ministry Development Plan (MDP) serves as a formative growth tool WELS teachers.

E.2L – Reach New Families with a Sustainable School

Dr. Jeffrey C. Lemke - A sustainable Christ-centered educational program can be an exceptional asset for reaching new families with the Lord’s Word.

E.4L – Ministerial Growth and Evaluation (4-Evaluation)

Jim Henrickson and Dr. Jeffery Wiechman - Teacher Evaluation Forms exist to provide feedback. They create an opportunity for a principal and teacher to openly discuss teaching and learning in the classroom.