Registration Information / Educational Technology

1.3ET – Microsoft OneNote & Teams

Ted Klug - Microsoft OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams is a unique, free software combination

2.3ET – Coding in Primary Grades

Darnell Anthony - Many may assume computer coding to be a skill for older students, but students who cannot yet read can produce computer code and learn problem solving skills.

3.2ET – Seesaw: Student-Driven Portfolios Made Easy

Stephanie Krahn and Kurt Gosdeck - Seesaw is one of the most versatile technology tools you will use! It is easy to learn and can be utiized in early education through the middle school years.

3.3ET – Breaking Curriculum Barriers: Social Studies, Technology & Inclusive Instruction

Dr. Kari A. Muente - As our WELS classrooms become academically and culturally diverse, teachers struggle in how to address the different cultural and learning abilities students bring to the learning process.

4.3ET – The New Google Sites

Kurt Gosdeck - Come ready to create a new website using the new and improved version of Google Sites. You will have yours up and running within an hour!

5.3ET – Using Technology in Bible Lessons

Rachel Feld - You will be introduced to a wide variety of resources that can be used during your Bible lessons, hymnology class, catechism class, and devotions.

6.3T – Formative Assessments Using Technology

Michael Plocher - Technology tools can energize teacher practice by providing easy ways to implement formative assessments.

8.3ET – Global Connections

Shelly Karstens - The internet has made the world a smaller place. Everyone is able to see and talk to their loved ones using Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts.

9.3ET – Virtual Reality Comes to a Classroom

Drew Willems - Using 40 Smasung J3 phones and Google Cardboard, see how easy and inexpensive VR has become. See what is about, experience a VR lesson, and play with the hottest educational technology. 

10.3ET – Using Google Apps in WELSSA

Rachel Feld - With more schools going digital and seeking quality assurance through accreditation, this sectional is designed to assist schools in using digital tools to collect and store evidence for the self-study and visiting team.

10.5ET – STEM in Education

Panel - Learn how to prepare students for lives of Christian service in STEM fields.

D.2ET – Google Level 1 Certification Bootcamp

Rachel Pierson - In this full-day bootcamp, take the steps to become a Level 1 Google Certified Educator. We will use active learning to evaluate where our skills are currently, discover new tools or areas of focus, and learn how to register for the proficiency exam.