1.2E & 2.2E – Brokenness in Childhood, Wholeness in Christ – Double

Melissa Pittenger - By God's design parents are a child's first teacher. What can the Church do to assist parents in becoming not only the first, but also the best?

1.8E & 2.8E -Making Teachers Better, Not Bitter – Double

Tony Frontier - How can we build systems of supervision that focus on developing teacher expertise rather than merely measuring competence?

4.2E – 21st Century Skill Development

Matt Moeller - It is a tragedy to prepare students for a future that doesn’t exist. Too often we have been educating today's students based on an educational system that focuses on knowledge, is one-size-fits-all and is based on the factory assembly-line model developed over one hundred years ago.

4.5E – Welcoming New Students and Their Families to Your Church and School

Ryan Finkbeiner and Aaron Bublitz - Assimilating new students and families to your school is critical for student success and parent satisfaction.

5.2E & 6.2E – WELS IEP 101 – Double

Brenda Wagenknecht and Kari Fuerstenberg - This session will break down the components of a public school IEP and 504 plan for a WELS school setting.

5.5E & 6.5E – Learning Focused Instruction – Double

John Meyer and Jon Schaefer - This interactive lecture session will refocus on the little, but powerful, things we can do in our daily lessons that are research-proven to help all students learn more.

7.2E – Poverty and Education

Dan Johnson - Being poor has dramatic effects on your brain. How can teachers and pastors use this information to better ministry in our ever changing world?

7.3E – Never Too Early to Learn and Succeed with ACT Aspire

Peggy Roush - Learn all about the ACT Aspire assessments for grades 3-10. We’ll talk about how they can guide instruction, identify students in need of support, and target students who are ready for challenges.

7.4E -Speech/Language Pathology Tips

Tammy Myers - Educators will learn the top 3 secrets speech language pathologists use to support student learning and retention of information.

8.2E – Effective Ways to Share MAP Testing Results

Michael Koestler - This session will empower educators with instructional design options that engage and support individual student growth using the data tools from Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

9.2E – Technology Integration for the 21st Century

Adam Mateske and Ted Klug - Today’s students need schools to change the way technology is viewed in the classroom setting. This session will lead you into development of a technology integration plan for your school.

10.2E – A Guide to Unforgettable Lessons

Andy Van Weele - Through activities, discussion, practical examples, and a plethora of strategies, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of teaching incredible lessons as well as the ability to do so on a regular basis.

D.3E – NWEA – MAP: Informing Instruction

NWEA professional - Build a shared understanding of instruction. Use MAP Growth reports to gauge student readiness. Designed tiered, responsive instructional plans by integrating standards, MAP Growth data, and local curriculum.

E.3E – NWEA – MAP: Essential Reports for Teachers

NWEA professional - Access, interpret and apply key MAP Growth reports used by teachers and instructional coaches.