7.7M – Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp

Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp is a hands-on workshop with resources and tips for getting your own hacked outreach program started in your community through a STEM+ Camp. Think VBS with a 21st Century twist. At this workshop, attendees will gain project management tips, links to a pre-designed and tested curriculum complete with a materials list and facilitation guides. You will learn how St. Mark has used this concept to increase visibility in the community and get kids excited about STEAM and their savior, and how your church/LES can do the same thing in your community!

Listen as Kristin previews this sectional on a recent WELSTech episode.

Kristin Knickelbein MSEd, is a WELS teacher, instructional systems designer, school improvement consultant, and mother of five, with a passion for outreach, 21st Century Skills, and STEAM education, currently serving her savior in Eau Claire, WI.

Sectional 7

Wednesday, June 26

3:30 pm