7.5T -Church and School Promotional Videos: Telling Your Story to All Audiences

Having a video to tell your church or school’s story is a powerful tool in today’s age in order to rally those in your circles and bring new people into congregations or school families. We will dive into why it is important to have a video presence, how to proceed forward in creating the video, and what to do to make sure your mission is clearly preached to an audience.

Listen as Jon previews this sectional on a recent WELSTech episode.

Before graduating Martin Luther College in December of 2017, Jonathan Witte served as senior photographer and filmmaker. In that time, the school grew from two photographers to eight and began to publish photos and videos more regularly. After graduating, he worked full time as a freelance filmmaker, partnering with MLC and other churches and schools across the country to produce videos. Passionate about education, music, and filmmaking, Jonathan strives to create media which promotes the ministry of WELS churches and schools in a fresh and relevant light. His work and contact information can be found on his website, jwitte.co. Currently Jonathan serves as director of bands at Luther High School in Onalaska, WI.

Sectional 7

Wednesday, June 26

3:30 pm