School-Based Counseling: Leveraging All Available Resources to Meet Students’ Needs

In an ever-changing world of physical health concerns, high levels of family stress and increased technology use, students in our schools are experiencing unprecedented amounts of psychological distress. Parents, school leaders and staff, and the medical and mental health community must collaborate to meet students’ needs and create effective learning environments. Learn more about current and emerging student concerns and how school-based counseling can help schools serve the “whole child.” In addition, learn how schools with school-based counselors are communicating with parents and removing barriers to facilitate care of the social-emotional needs of students.

Laura Reinke is a Marriage and Family Therapist with Christian Family Solutions who has worked as a school-based counselor for 4+ years. She also works at an outpatient counselor and serves as an adjunct professor of psychology at Wisconsin Lutheran College. As a systems-trained counselor, she understands the benefit and improved outcomes of working in collaboration with parents and schools for achieving better outcomes for students.

Sectional 6

Wednesday, June 22

8:00 am

Laura Reinke