Cultivating Compassion

Mental Illness. Addictions. Grief. In our sin-broken and deteriorating world, we encounter these with increasing measure among those we seek to reach and presently serve. Peter exhorts all of us to “be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble” (1 Peter 3:8). God is always the answer, and his Word the ultimate cure and only hope for eternal peace. But Christian love urges us also to increase our awareness and develop our understanding of the complexities of human emotion and mental function. How can we help those struggling with grief or crippled with anxiety? How do we know if compromised mental health may explain what we are observing among our students or families or faculty, to the point that professional evaluation be recommended? And how do we keep our framework for all these properly attuned to God’s Word? Come explore resources specifically developed by Northwestern Publishing House to assist ministry professionals and those they serve navigate these realities in the light of God’s Word.

Rev. Ray Schumacher serves part-time as Curriculum Editor at Northwestern Publishing House and part-time as Visitation Pastor at Trinity in Waukesha, WI. Prior to serving at NPH he was a parish pastor in FL and WI. His background as a parish pastor and ministry resource editor, especially in his current unique dual-call, provides special insight into the content and on-the-ground ministry use of synodically published compassion resources.

Jeremy Bakken serves as Director of Worship and Sacred Music and Curricula at Northwestern Publishing House and is part of the ministry team with Ray at Trinity Waukesha in the area of worship. As part of the editorial team at NPH, he supports efforts to raise awareness about the synod publisher’s resources available for all areas of ministry, including offering live presentations across the country.

Sectional 6

Wednesday, June 22

8:00 am

Sectional 7

Wednesday, June 22

9:15 am

Ray Schumacher
Jeremy Bakken