Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Improve Student Achievement

In this session, participants actively learn how the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework offers a proactive curriculum design for improving student achievement. Participants learn how the UDL principles delivers instructional opportunities and solutions centered on minimizing and eliminating barriers by providing the pathways to empower students through various options and choices for flexible learning while maintaining firm goals and objectives. Finally, participants recognize the value in adapting UDL into their curriculum and instruction design to ensure all their students become expert learners.

Dr. Kari A Muente serves as a professor of Social Studies Education at MLC. She earned a Ph.D. in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in Social Studies Education from the University of Missouri. Her scholarship focusses on curriculum, instruction and the Universal Design for Learning Framework around teacher education, culturally responsive teaching, inclusive practices and special education.

Sectional 4

Tuesday, June 21

10:30 am

Sectional 5

Tuesday, June 21

1:00 pm

Kari Muente