Social and Emotional Learning in Our Classrooms

What are social and emotional competencies and why are they so important to young children? Learn about what social and emotional competencies are along with the benefits that come from intentionally them in your classroom. Learn ways to teach and support young children’s social and emotional development through explicit instruction along with the classroom and teacher’s role as well.

Kayte Gut is in her 20th year of ministry and is currently serving at Shepherd of the Valley in Westminster, Colorado. She has served 14 of those years an early childhood ministry as lead teacher, director, and assistant director. The other four of those years as a first grade teacher, during which she rediscovered her passion for the early childhood ministry. Two years ago she completed her master’s degree in Administration of Early Childhood Ministries from Martin Luther College and wrote her thesis on how the WELS ECMs teach social and emotional skills in classrooms and programs. She is passionate about helping the whole child grow and develop, especially in the areas of social and emotional learning. Explicitly teaching social and emotional skills in early childhood classrooms are so important as they lay the foundation for students growth, development, and learning throughout their life.

Sectional 4

Tuesday, June 21

10:30 am

Kayte Gut