Practice What you Preach: MDP in Action

This presentation documents a personal journey from developing the Ministry Development Plan format to designing, implementing, and assessing an MDP in the courses I teach. My MDP was designed around active learning strategies with an emphasis on student-led discussions that incorporate higher-order thinking and on the use classroom data and student feedback to assess effectiveness. A helpful session for educators developing MDPs or leaders assisting others in this process.

Al Bitter serves as the assistant professor of education and director of certification/ licensure for undergraduate and graduate programs at WLC. He works with pre-service teachers from entry-level courses through student teaching and serves on committee responsible for developing the WELS Ministerial Growth and Development Process, MGEP. He also enjoys travel, time with grandchildren, and “Storming the Bastille” each summer in Milwaukee.

Sectional 4

Tuesday, June 21

10:30 am

Sectional 5

Tuesday, June 21

1:00 pm

Al Bitter