Connecting ECE Families to Jesus and the Congregation

The presentation will share an investigation of program strategies looking at six WELS ECMs, three serving as baseline and the top three ECLCs in the WELS, in order to identify strategies used in the top ECLCs that contributed toward the attainment of the outreach goal to connect children and parents to Jesus and the associated church. The next part of the session will be discussing my findings in hopes that congregations and ECLCs will have information to guide them in establishing a stronger connection between the parents/caregivers of the children that attend their ECLC. Pastor Free will join to discuss recommendations for congregations and ECLCs and how we are putting them them into action in our own ministry at Risen Savior Church and Academy.

Maria Ginés is a passionate educator on a mission to share Jesus with the children and families she meets with the goal of connecting them to Jesus and the congregation. Miss Ginés has a bachelor’s in Music Education from Florida Southern College, an Early Childhood degree and a Master’s in Education from Martin Luther College. Her master’s thesis, WELS Early Childhood Outreach: An Investigation of Program Strategies, has been used by congregations in the WELS and as material presented in MLC courses. Miss Ginés has over 10 years of experience in the classroom, teaching both children and adults, and as a director. She is currently the director of early childhood education at Risen Savior Academy in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Caleb Free serves as the Pastor at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Lakewood Ranch, FL. He has served as a Home Missionary for the past 9 years and has a passion for sharing Jesus with the lost.

Sectional 3

Tuesday, June 21

9:00 am

Maria Gines
Caleb Free