3.3ET – Breaking Curriculum Barriers: Social Studies, Technology & Inclusive Instruction

As our WELS classrooms become academically and culturally diverse, teachers struggle in how to address the different cultural and learning abilities students bring to the learning process. Teachers often feel inadequately prepared to design lessons around appropriate inclusive strategies which ensures all students equal access to the curriculum.

Participants will learn how research-based inclusive practices, centered around the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework and Content Enhancement Routines (CER), will help students reach lesson goals and develop 21st-century skills in areas such as developing questions, applying disciplinary concepts, evaluating sources and using evidence, and communicating conclusion.

Although applicable to all subjects, this social studies centered session will assist attendees to:
• Learn how to recognize the curriculum barriers facing individual students in today’s inclusive classroom.
• Become informed in how curriculum decision may create barriers prohibiting equal access to the content and learning environment.
• Learn how UDL’s principles of Engagement, Representation, and Action and Expression support the research on how the brain responds when engaged in deeper comprehension and retention, ensuring all students have equal access to the curriculum.
• Engage in various inclusive practices to demonstrate an understanding of how to connect students to the content through the why, what, and how of learning.

Dr. Kari A. Muente is a 1999 graduate of Martin Luther College where she received her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Secondary Education Social Studies. Dr. Muente has served at Luther Preparatory School, both as a tutor and professor from 1999-2009, and Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School from 2009-2013. Currently, she is serving as a professor of social science/history education at Martin Luther College. In 2017, Dr. Muente earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in Social Studies Education at the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on curriculum and instruction in the areas of teacher education, inclusive education and practices, special education, and culturally responsive teaching practices. Overall, her aim to help WELS teachers learn the value in integrating a Universal Design for Learning framework to ensure all students have equal access to the curriculum.

Sectional 3

Tuesday, June 25

3:30 pm