Early Childhood Observation and Assessment: Communicating Children’s Learning and Development with Parents

This session will discuss the importance of documenting children’s learning and development that is observed through their work and play. Photos, videos, and written anecdote documentation provide both teachers and parents with unique windows into young children’s progress. These assessment practices also provide parents with an important view of all that occurs daily in an early childhood program and reinforces its high-quality, intentional practices.

Shawna Mehlberg has served as an early childhood teacher and director at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, FL for the past 14 years. She now serves as the head of early childhood for Divine Savior Ministries, which operates 4 academy campuses in Florida and Texas. Shawna is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus through high-quality early childhood ministry programs.

Sectional 2

Monday, June 20

3:45 pm

Shawna Mehlberg