The Hierarchy of School Growth Needs

Our schools grow only with God’s blessing. As we seek to reach more families, many opportunities present themselves to aid our earthly efforts: marketing plans, branding (and rebranding), strategic planning, social media, new websites, Google ads, enrollment funnels, demographic studies, program development, retention strategies, admissions directors, open houses…to name a few. How do you know where to start with your ministry’s precious resources…and your precious time? You need a framework, something to help you understand how all those pieces fit together, what to prioritize, and where to invest. Developed over the last 15 years according to research and best practices in organizational development, the Hierarchy of School Growth Needs is based on experience in WELS schools and created for use in our unique ministries. During our time together, we will: 1. Break down the six foundational needs of reaching parents in your community, as well as how each need is related to the others. 2. Evaluate your ministry’s unique needs. 3. Identify concrete steps to meet those needs. 4. Prioritize those needs into a one-year plan for your ministry team.

A graduate of MLC, Dana Kirchoff began her career as a WELS teacher, continued as a freelance writer and marketer, and later used both experiences in her role as Vice President of Marketing and Growth at Divine Savior Ministries. As a consultant, Dana helps ministries reach more people in their communities through strategic planning, marketing, and program development. Learn more at, on Instagram (@dana_m_kirchoff), Facebook (/danamkirchoff), or LinkedIn.



Sunday, June 19

1:00 – 5:00 pm

Dana Kirchoff