Tools for Engagement

Enjoy this powerful program that teaches you how to consistently engage nearly every student, every day. Gain the confidence to use these strategies as you see them role modeled and as you experience every single tool firsthand. Expect to gain the amazing and practical, 5 Core Principles of Engagement. Plus, get over a dozen sure-fire, easy to learn strategies that will activate, involve, and engage your students. Finally, you’ll end the frustration of student disconnect and start loving your work again. Highly relevant for both K-5 staff and secondary attendees.

Dr. Eric Jensen is a former teacher and educational leader who grew up in San Diego, California. Jensen’s M.A. is in Organizational Development and his Ph.D. is in Human Development. For over two decades he has synthesized brain research and developed practical applications for educators. Jensen has authored over 29 books including 3 bestsellers Teaching with the Brain in Mind and Poor Students, Rich Teaching and Brain-Based Learning.

Sectional 1

Monday, June 20

2:15 pm

Sectional 2

Monday, June 20

3:45 pm

Eric Jensen