Building a Culture of Data Use in Your Schools

This session will focus on how to set expectations and develop a culture for using data in a school. There will be information on how to create those expectations and how to get teachers, staff, students, and parents engaged with the data. It will conclude with ways to communicate the health of the growth of the school/network and the performance of the school(s) to external stakeholders.

This session will be lecture style.


  • Clarify the role of formative assessment.
  • Explore foundational practices of formative assessment.
  • Start to connect how formative assessment empowers learners and learning.

Jessica Knierim joined NWEA as a Senior Account Executive in 2015 and supports Catholic partners across the country. She spent the first 14 years of her educational career in both the public and Catholic school setting working in the roles of teacher and principal with students in grades preK-8. Jessica is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Performance and Change. Her passion lies in partnering with administrators and teachers to help them make instructional gains with their students, infuse a culture of growth, and share her passion for life-long learning.

Sectional 1

Monday, June 20

2:15 pm

Sectional 2

Monday, June 20

3:45 pm

Jessica Knierim