Personal Passion Projects in Technology

Giving students the power to choose their own projects can be daunting: Where do I start? How do I grade this? How will we have time for this? How will we afford this? However, imagine the depth of learning that takes place when at any given time you might have students in your room making video games, mixing music, designing websites or books, creating stop-motion films, and programming robots.

In this session, you will gain tools and guidance to help your students find their passions in technology, no matter your schedule, experience, or budget. Based on the idea of “Genius Hour,” students are guided to plan and complete projects that interest them, in order to develop their skills and understanding in that area. The session will begin with audience participation to model how students choose projects, and then continue in a lecture-based format. Links to classroom-ready resources will be provided.

Colin Paustian serves as 8th Grade teacher, athletic director, and technology director at Neenah Lutheran School. Prior to the combination of Neenah’s two Lutheran elementary schools in 2020, he served in the same roles at Trinity, Neenah since 2016. He is licensed in elementary, middle school general science, and secondary chemistry education, and enjoys exploring ways to bring an inquiry-based approach to his instruction.

Sectional 1

Monday, June 20

2:15 pm

Colin Paustian