America’s Founding and Why it is Relevant to Young Christians

God has blessed us through the protections and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our students live in a world that is drifting further and further away from God’s Word. Studying America’s Founding Era can encourage meaningful dialogue about our responsibility as Christians and as Americans. Just as we explore the Bible and apply God’s Word to our lives, we can study the Founding Era that produced our republic and make meaningful applications to our Christian Life and Ministry.

Tony Perry teaches 7th-8th grade and serves as principal at Salem Lutheran School in Owosso, MI. In 2020, he won the James Madison Fellowship, a national award given to one teacher per state. Last summer he studied the Constitution and Bill of Rights in Washington DC with other Madison Fellows. After studying at Ashland University in Ohio, he finished his coursework at Georgetown University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in American History and Government in August 2021.

Sectional 1

Monday, June 20

2:15 pm

Tony Perry