Essential Steps for Providing Successful Learning Environments

The pandemic will have ripple effects as students transition back and forth between home and school learning environments. The most at-risk students before the pandemic are still at risk, plus we can expect a flood of new issues arising from the uncertainty that was and continues to be. Early and proper intervention can prevent mental health issues from escalating and impacting behavior in the classroom and at home. It can also help prevent poor choices that could set the student on a negative trajectory. Dr. Schoof will address how parents, counselors, educators, and mental health professionals can work together to help students be successful by considering the student’s home and school environments.

Dr. Ashley Schoof joined Christian Family Solutions in 2018. She currently serves as senior clinical director and director of the STRONG Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Schoof earned her BS in psychology at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI. She completed her graduate training and earned her MS and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Schoof completed her internship at Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab in Waterford, WI, which is a residential, neurobehavioral rehabilitation facility. Dr. Schoof uses a cognitive-behavioral and family systems framework during treatment and is also trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and Play Therapy. Her areas of expertise are foster care and adoption, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, OCD, brain injury, learning disabilities, other childhood disorders, and group and individual therapy.

Sectional 1

Monday, June 20

2:15 pm

Dr. Ashley Schoof